Reception of documents

Documents are generally submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office in a free format, in accordance with the Response to Memoranda and Requests for Explanations and Submission of Collective Proposals Act and the requirements of the Public Information Act. The forms available on this page can be used to report criminal offences.

In accordance with subsection 3 (1) of the Language Act, the language of administration is Estonian. If an application, request or other document is in a foreign language, the Prosecutor’s Office has the right to require a translation into Estonian from the person submitting the document, except in the case provided for in section 10 of the Language Act.

If possible, we ask you to submit documents relating to a single case in the same manner, i.e. either electronically or on paper. If this is not possible, electronic and paper documents should be submitted as concurrently as possible and marked in such a manner that they can be linked to one another. Otherwise, the Prosecutor’s Office may find that some of the required information is missing and the substantive examination of the case will be postponed.

If information containing sensitive or private personal data of the person requesting the information or of a third party is requested, an official of the Prosecutor’s Office identifies the person requesting the information on the basis of a valid identity document or by verifying the validity of their digital signature, as provided for in subsection 14 (2) of the Public Information Act. An identity document is a document issued by a public authority that contains the user’s name and date of birth or personal identification code, photo and signature.

Forms for reporting criminal offences