Investigative authorities

The Prosecutor’s Office leads pre-trial criminal proceedings, ensuring their lawfulness and effectiveness. As the authority in charge of criminal proceedings, the Prosecutor’s Office guides investigative authorities in the collection of evidence and adopts a decision on whether to bring charges against a person on the basis of the established facts.

The Prosecutor’s Office conducts criminal proceedings in cooperation with the following investigative authorities:

The Prosecutor’s Office and the Police and Border Guard Board cooperate closely to investigate crimes. The police gather evidence, conduct a preliminary investigation and file charges with the Prosecutor’s Office. The Prosecutor’s Office, in turn, assesses the evidence collected by the police and decides whether to initiate criminal proceedings and bring charges to court.

Cooperation between the Prosecutor’s Office and the Estonian Internal Security Service is essential to ensure effective protection of the Estonian national security and legal system and to effectively combat crimes related to security risks.

The Prosecutor’s Office works with the Tax and Customs Board to fight against tax evasion, tax fraud and money laundering offences. The Tax and Customs Board collects financial information and submits relevant evidence to the Prosecutor’s Office to open an investigation and bring charges.

The objective of cooperation between the Prosecutor’s Office and the Competition Authority is to ensure that violations of competition law are detected and investigated and that those responsible are brought to justice. Such cooperation helps to create a fairer and healthier business environment where companies can operate on an equal footing and consumers can enjoy a diverse and affordable selection.

Cooperation between the Prosecutor’s Office and the Environmental Board is aimed at ensuring that environmental offences are effectively investigated and those responsible are prosecuted. Such cooperation helps to protect and preserve Estonia’s environment and promote sustainable development.

The Prosecutor’s Office and the Joint Headquarters of the Estonian Defence Forces cooperate in investigating criminal offences. The Prosecutor’s Office leads criminal proceedings and represents the public prosecution. The Military Police gather the necessary evidence and provide information related to the circumstances of a crime.