The graphic symbol of the Prosecutor’s Office is an emblem following heraldic principles in its design and can therefore also be considered a coat of arms.


The following symbols have been used as heraldic motifs on the emblem of the Prosecutor’s Office:

Shield – symbolises a basis, foundation. As a protective element, the shield is also a highlighter (‘to be raised on a shield’).

Sword – a protective element, an enforcer of justice; ensuring the protection, preservation and oversight of justice.

National coat of arms – the regime and law that is protected and supervised.

Oak wreath – a symbol of the durability, permanence, preservation and appreciation of values.


Dark blue – the background of the shield on the emblem symbolises the basic principle of law enforcement – ensuring justice, upholding it – the colour of fairness, balance and consistency.

Yellow/gold – the sword, scales, the shield of the national coat of arms. Symbolises the concreteness and functionality of things.

Blue – state lions based on the format of the national coat of arms.

Silver/grey – the oak wreath. Symbolises timelessness, permanence.

Digitised and arranged by Jaan Saar, OÜ Saar Graafika, in 2007, on the basis of a design by Raili Vinn and Tõnu Lauk.