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The purpose of the Public Information Act is to ensure that information intended for public use is accessible to the public and to everyone, based on the principles of democratic and social rule of law and an open society, and to create opportunities for the public to monitor the performance of public duties.

Request for information

With a request for information, you can ask the Prosecutor’s Office for a document or information that is already available.

Requests for information are answered within five working days.

Request for explanation

In the case of a request for explanation, you can ask the Prosecutor’s Office for information, the provision of which requires an analysis of existing information or the collection of additional information. You can also ask questions about legislation, draft legislation, the area of government and activities.

Requests for explanation are answered within 30 days.


With a memorandum, you can make suggestions, for example, with regard to the organisation of work at the institution or the development of the field. In addition, memoranda can be used to forward information.

Memoranda are answered within 30 days.

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