Core values and objectives

In its work, the Prosecutor’s Office is guided by its core values and strategic objectives.


We are a reliable law enforcement authority that proceeds from the needs of society and stands for the well-being of victims, the effective treatment of offenders and guaranteeing the fundamental rights of all parties to the proceedings.

We offer opportunities for personal fulfilment to the best in their field.


As the head of the pre-trial investigation and the representative of the public prosecution, we apply the law in a fair manner.

Core values


  • We value our team and deliver results together.

  • We treat everyone without prejudice and with respect. When disclosing information, we respect the rights of all parties to the proceedings.

  • We are flexible and adapt our activities to the needs of the person concerned.


  • We are independent in our decisions, guided by law, reasonableness and a sense of justice.
  • We take responsibility for our actions and are ready to explain our decisions.
  • We are actively involved in issues that concern us and our field.


  • We have the highest knowledge of criminal law. We actively develop ourselves, cooperate and learn from others.
  • In the case of problems, we find new solutions. In addition to our own views, we also consider others.

Strategic objectives

Reducing the damage and suffering caused by crime

  • We will develop and implement an agreement on common practices for the treatment of victims.
  • We will set up a system to collect feedback from victims and take suggestions into consideration when designing work processes and changing practices.
  • By training prosecutors and officials of the Prosecutor’s Office, developing information systems and improving written forms of communication, we ensure the availability and clarity of information, increasing victims’ awareness of their rights.
  • We support voluntary compensation for and remedying of damage caused by a criminal offence at the earliest possible stage of the proceedings, and the filing of claims by means of civil actions as a preferred option to state claims.
  • We are active participants in networks related to victims, propose our own solutions and contribute to awareness-raising in society and prevention.


  • There is an increase in damage compensated or remedied for victims.
  • Satisfaction with the provision of information and the manner of treatment increases and victims in need of substantial help gain access to the required services or support.

Reducing repeated offences

  • We ensure specialisation and special training as well as effective cooperation with investigative authorities to resolve priority crimes efficiently and effectively.
  • We reduce the number of lengthy proceedings and the length of pre-trial proceedings for suspects.
  • In the case of offences committed for the purpose of enrichment, our first priority is to influence the perpetrator by confiscating criminal proceeds and securing civil and state claims.
  • We analyse procedural and sentencing practices in priority areas and ensure equal and effective treatment of individuals throughout Estonia by means of uniform practices.
  • When it comes to influencing suspects and accused persons, we encourage them to take responsibility for the consequences of the crime with respect to the victim or society. Depending on the risks and needs of the perpetrator, we use punitive measures, social programmes and treatment obligations.


  • The link between the act and the consequence is strengthened.
  • Differences in practices across the country decrease and the individual risks and needs of the perpetrator are taken into consideration to a greater extent, which increases the legitimacy of treatment and contributes to reducing recidivism.

Being an active and cooperative organisation

  • We are establishing and developing the institution of a community prosecutor, which will help the Prosecutor’s Office be a more active partner in ensuring security in communities.
  • In areas requiring specialisation, we are developing our expertise, participating in prevention activities and increasing the involvement of partners and specialised organisations.
  • We raise public awareness of pre-trial proceedings and the activities of the Prosecutor’s Office by explaining procedural and treatment practices, focusing on national and community priorities. We cooperate with other bodies conducting proceedings when covering criminal cases, taking public interest, the presumption of innocence and the need to safeguard the rights of all parties as the basis.
  • As experts in the fight against crime, we actively contribute to the development of criminal policy and the work of related areas.
  • We contribute to ensuring national security through the application and development of tools of criminal proceedings that are appropriate to the rule of law.


  • Public awareness of the activities of the Prosecutor’s Office increases.
  • The credibility of the Prosecutor’s Office in the eyes of the public and its partners increases.

Being an attractive employer

  • We offer interesting and meaningful work that enables people to contribute to the security of society and the maintenance of the rule of law.

  • We work to keep people committed, so that work at the Prosecutor’s Office offers challenges and the variety of tasks supports everyone’s personal development.

  • We create digital work opportunities, flexible working conditions and opportunities for internal mobility.

  • We are developing a supportive working environment and leadership culture based on the values of the organisation, valuing leaders and supporting their development.

  • We pay competitive salaries for good work and guarantee the independence of prosecutors by means of a system of remuneration and social guarantees provided for by law.


  • The employees of the Prosecutor’s Office highly value commitment to work, the meaningfulness of their job and the social climate in their workplace.
  • Voluntary staff turnover and the number of days of sick leave are low, competitions for vacant positions are at a high level and the Prosecutor’s Office ranks highly among attractive employers in the sector.