Prosecutor's Office


 The Prosecutor’s Office is a government agency in the area of government of the Ministry of Justice. The Prosecutor’s Office is independent upon performance of its duties assigned by the law, and its actions are based on laws and on legal acts adopted on their basis.

The Prosecutor’s Office directs pre-trial criminal proceedings, ensuring lawfulness and effectiveness thereof; represents public prosecution in court, participates in planning surveillance activities necessary for prevention and identification of crimes, and performs other duties assigned to the Prosecutor’s Office by the law. As a body directing criminal proceedings, the Prosecutor’s Office guides investigative bodies in gathering evidence and, according to identified circumstances, decides on bringing charges against a person. The Prosecutor’s Office prosecutes crimes in cooperation with the following investigative bodies: the Police and Border Guard Board, the Estonian Security Police, the Tax and Customs Board, the Estonian Competition Authority, the Environmental Inspectorate and the General Staff of the Defence Forces.

The Prosecutor’s Office is a two-tier body, consisting of the Office of the Prosecutor General as the higher tier and four district prosecutor’s offices as the lower tier.

The jurisdiction of the Office of the Prosecutor General is the entire Estonia; the jurisdictions of the district prosecutor’s offices are identical to those of prefectures. The Prosecutor’s Office is directed by the Prosecutor General who is appointed to office for a term of five years.

A district prosecutor’s office is directed by a chief prosecutor who is also appointed to office for a term of five years.