Media communication principles of the Prosecutor’s Office


The goal of the Prosecutor’s Office when communicating with the public is to inform the public to the justified extent about criminal proceedings and crimes, to ensure the public’s trust towards the criminal justice system, to increase the law awareness of the public, and to explain the nature of the duties of prosecutors and the Prosecutor’s Office. The Prosecutor’s Office spreads preventive messages to avoid people becoming victimised by crimes or committing violations of the law. The Prosecutor’s Office bases its actions on the principles of a democratic and social state ruled by law and on the principles of open society.

In communication with the public, the Prosecutor’s Office primarily follows the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Personal Data Protection Act and the Public Information Act.

 Information related to pre-trial proceedings is disclosed by the Prosecutor’s Office. Investigative bodies may disclose information related to criminal proceedings only with the permission of and to the extent of specified by the Prosecutor’s Office.