Receiving documents in the Prosecutor’s Office


 As a rule, documents are submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office in free format, respecting the requirements prescribed in the Response to Memoranda and Requests for Explanations Act and the Public Information Act. The following forms can be used for preparing a petition:

 Avaldus Riigiprokuratuurile (eesti)

 Avaldus Riigiprokuratuurile (eesti-vene)

 Avaldus Lõuna Ringkonnaprokuratuurile (eesti)

 Avaldus Lõuna Ringkonnaprokuratuurile (eesti-vene)

 Avaldus Lääne Ringkonnaprokuratuurile (eesti)

 Avaldus Lääne Ringkonnaprokuratuurile (eesti-vene)

 Avaldus Põhja Ringkonnaprokuratuurile (eesti)

 Avaldus Põhja Ringkonnaprokuratuurile (eesti-vene)

Avaldus Põhja Ringkonnaprokuratuurile (Estonian/English)

 Avaldus Viru Ringkonnaprokuratuurile (eesti)

 Avaldus Viru Ringkonnprokuratuurile (eesti-vene)

  Language of document management

Pursuant to § 3 (1) of the Language Act, the document management language is the Estonian language. If a petition, an application or other document is in a foreign language, the Prosecutor’s Office has the right to request that the party submitting the document submit also a translation of the document into the Estonian language, except in the case prescribed in § 10 of the Language Act.

Document submission procedure

If possible, please use a consistent manner for submitting all documents pertaining to a single case, i.e. either electronically or on paper. If this is not possible, the electronic and paper documents must be submitted as close to each other in time as possible and marked so that they can be related to each other. Otherwise the Prosecutor’s Office may find the prescribed information lacking and a review of the case may be postponed.

Requesting information containing delicate or private data

If information is requested that contains delicate or private data of the requester or third parties, the official of the Prosecutor’s Office identifies the person of the requester on the basis of a valid identity document or by verifying the validity certificate of a digital signature, as prescribed in § 14 (2) of the Public Information Act. An identity document is a document issued by a governmental agency, bearing the holder’s name and date of birth or personal ID code, photograph and signature.

Correspondence sent via E-mail

Correspondence (complaints, memoranda, requests for explanation, etc.) sent via E-mail must be digitally signed and sent to the following address:

 Public Prosecutor’s Office [email protected], Southern District Prosecutor’s Office [email protected], Western District Prosecutor’s Office [email protected], Northern District Prosecutor’s Office [email protected], Viru District Prosecutor’s Office [email protected]

What to consider when submitting digitally signed documents:

The upper limit of E-mail size is 14 megabytes; any messages exceeding that are split;

Digital signature must be placed using the Digidoc Client software of AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus;

The document must be in the format of txt (Text), rtf (Rich Text Format) or pdf (Portable Document Format);

The document must be readable with Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word software.