Prosecutors of the Year


The honorary title of the Prosecutor of the Year is awarded to prosecutors with the most outstanding performance and it has been awarded since the year 2002.

The purpose of awarding the title of the Prosecutor of the Year is to recognise and express gratitude towards a prosecutor who has brought the most outstanding results during the past year (in the period of October to September). The laureates of the title are selected by chief prosecutors and theProsecutor General by voting, on the basis of the candidates’ described actions.

2002 State Prosecutor Alar Kirs, Tallinn Prosecutor’s Office’s Prosecutor Dilaila Nahkur and Pärnu Prosecutor’s Office’s Prosecutor Anne Sillaots

2003 State Prosecutor Norman Aas

2004 State Prosecutor Andres Ülviste

2005 District Prosecutor Aro Siinmaa

2006 District Prosecutor Marge Püss

2007 District Prosecutor Innokenti Menšikov

2008 District Prosecutor Kaire Hänilene

2009 State Prosecutor Triin Bergmann

2010 District Prosecutor Maria Sutt

2011 District Prosecutor Toomas Liiva

2012 Special Prosecutor Antti Aitsen

2013 Special Prosecutor Kadri Väling

2014 State Prosecutors Inna Ombler and Laura Feldmanis

2015 State Prosecutor Piret Paukštys

2016 Special Prosecutor Kalmer Kask

2017 Chief State Prosecutor Steven-Hristo Evestus

2018 State Prosecutor Vahur Verte

2019 Assistant Prosecutor Maarja-Liisa Kõiv